San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is daily visited by thousands of tourists among shopping, medieval atmospheres, forts on the top of dizzy crag and panoramic terraces dominating Romagna valleys and Adriatic Sea.


UNESCO declared Ravenna “World Artistical Patrimony”, for its byzantine, gothic and roman monuments; for the stupendous basilicas with the exquisite marble relief work and fascinating cycles of mosaics.

San Leo

At San Leo you can visit medieval churches and the castle in which was imprisoned and died the legendary Cagliostro.


A doorway to the past, a special village that is a pearl in the Valmarecchia "of the poets", that's Santarcangelo!


This is a classic ancient village enclosed inside a long city wall where the imposing and spectacular castle, a superb example of military architecture, completes the medieval centre.

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